China’s GDP grew almost 7% over six months
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China’s GDP grew almost 7% over six months

17.07.2017 Almaty. July 17. Silkroadnews – China’s GDP grew almost 7% over six months, China Daily reported.
“China’s GDP grew 6.9% to 38.15 trillion yuan ($5.62 trillion) over the first half of 2017, the National Bureau of Statistics reported”, the newspaper wrote.
In turn, the Russian TV channel “360 TV” noted the growth exceeded the forecasts by the IMF.
“Indexes turned to be much better compared to those ones projected by experts. Earlier China’s GDP growth was expected not to exceed 6.7-6.8%. According to calculations by the experts of the International Monetary Fund, the average growth of the Chinese economy for 2018-2020 could not exceed 6.4%. The Chinese authorities have set the bar at 6.5% level for 2017”, channel reporter said.
With this it is noted, the forecasts were based on slowdown of the PRC economic growth in 2016.
“Non-optimistic forecasts were related to the slowdown of the country’s economic growth in 2016, when GDP’s growth slowed to 6.7% compared to 6.9% in 2015, turning to be the worst for the country over the past 26 years. China’s fixed assets grew 8.6% up to 28.06 trillion yuan, or 4.15 trillion in dollar terms. The only exception was agricultural sector”, the report said.