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China plans to clean up to 630 km of badly polluted water reservoirs by the end of the year

17.07.2017 Almaty. July 17. Silkroadnews – China plans to clear 630 km of badly polluted water bodies by the end of the year, Russian information portal Polit.info reports.
“By the end of this year, the Chinese authorities plan cleaning up the rivers that have been contaminated. The total length of such reservoirs is 630 kilometers”, report said.
7 enterprises in Shanghai have already been closed for violation of environmental standards.
“In Shanghai, China, seven enterprises have been closed for polluting one of the important sources of water supply in the city. Enterprises were illegally built in 2016 and located within the protected area of the Songjiang region in the upper reaches of the Huangpu River. Each of them was fined 500 thousand yuan by the local authorities. Two objects out of seven have already been demolished, the remaining ones are being dismantled”, publication notes.