Detained in China book publisher Gui Minhai is ready to give up Swedish citizenship
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Detained in China book publisher Gui Minhai is ready to give up Swedish citizenship

13.02.2018 Detained in China book publisher Gui Minhai is ready to give up Swedish citizenship Beijing. February 13. Silkroadnews - Detained in China book seller Gui Minhai is ready to give up Swedish citizenship, the information portal of China Plus wrote.
“When I was in Sweden, they paid little attention to me. I felt I was not recognized by local Swedes. The Swedish have done this just out of their political purposes and to meet the need of some political figures for the 2018 elections in Sweden,” Gui Minhai said.
Gui said that he has Swedish nationality, but he hardly lived in Sweden for the last 10 years. And only after he surrendered to the Chinese police, the Swedish government paid attention to him.
“I do not want the Swedish side to continue hyping up my case. I have seen through the Swedish government. I may consider giving up my Swedish nationality if it continues to do so,” the agency quoted him saying.
“Under Sweden’s continual instigation, I broke the law again. My happy life was destroyed. I just simply hope that my family will not be taken advantage of and I can stay in China to live a peaceful life,” he added.
Gui Minhai returned to China in 2015 and turned himself in to police in the Chinese mainland on a fatal road accident committed by him drunken more than 10 years ago. For this he received a two-year sentence term. Gui was freed on October 17, 2017. After serving his sentence, Gui Minhai lived in Ningbo, where he could attend his aged mother with his three sisters.
However, on January 20, accompanied by two Swedish diplomats, Gui suddenly arrived in Shanghai in a car with diplomatic numbers, and then boarded a high-speed train for Beijing.
According to the Chinese police, Guy had a lot of materials with him, concerning state secrets, and he was suspected of illegally transferring them to foreign intelligence, thus, endangering national security.
The police contacted him many times to return him to assist in the investigation, but the Swedish diplomats accompanying him insisted that Gui refuse such cooperation. When the train stopped at the West Railway Station in Jinan, Shandong Province, the police took Gui under custody.
After this, some foreign media and Western countries, such as Sweden, accused China of violating international norms and interference in consular affairs.