Unusual strain caused an outbreak of influenza in China
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Unusual strain caused an outbreak of influenza in China

11.01.2018 Unusual strain caused an outbreak of influenza in China Almaty. January 11. Silkroadnews - An unusual strain caused an outbreak of flu in China, Xinhua news agency reported.
“The predominant virus strains this winter have been little seen in recent years, which has caused the current influenza outbreak in China, according to an official at the National Health and Family Planning Commission,” the report reads.
Jiao Yahui, deputy head of the medical administration and management bureau of the commission, has noted, the people with debilitated general condition are more exposed to the disease, in addition, the lack of immunity for the strains further the spread of the flu.
With this Jiao also said, there are no mutations detected in this year strains which would increase their infectiousness, severity or resistance to drugs. The current inhibitors of neuraminidase, which are used to shorten the duration of the disease, are still effective.
Data by the Chinese National Influenza Center show an increase in the number of cases of flu over the recent weeks, especially during the last week of 2017, when 11 253 cases were registered versus 7 730 case reported a week earlier.
“As for hospitals where relevant drugs were unavailable, the commission has asked local health and family planning departments to open up temporary channels for local medical institutions to procure drugs in order to ensure adequate supply of the medicine,” the report said.