Tajikistan has ratified an extradition treaty with China

Date: 16:32, 29-01-2015.

Almaty. January 29. Silkroadnews - Tajikistan ratified the agreement "On extradition" with China, reported the Tajik news agency (TajikTA) on Thursday.
"This agreement was ratified at a meeting of the 6th session of the Assembly of Representatives (the lower house of parliament) of Tajikistan 4th convocation. According to the document, the parties commit themselves to extradite criminals" - the agency in the country's parliament.
Note ratification of the treaty "On extradition" with China will greatly simplify the procedure of extradition of criminals between the two countries.
The need to ratify the treaty due to the activation of travel for citizens of the two countries, and is designed to prevent a possible cover-up criminals in both countries.

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