A new cabinet of Afghanistan, mostly consist of Pashtuns

Date: 16:07, 14-01-2015.

Almaty. January 14. Silkroadnews - In the new cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, most key positions went to representatives of the Pashtuns, reported Afghan News Agency (AfTAG).
It is worth noting that the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani presented to the Cabinet 7 members of the Pashtuns, Hazaras and two sodota, two Uzbeks and one representative from the Tajiks and Turkmen.
In turn, chairman of the National Unity Government Dr. Abdullah Abdullah presented to the Cabinet 6 Tajiks, three Hazaras and sodota, one Uzbek and two Pashtuns.
Age of 15 candidates is less than 50 years, 10 candidates over this age.
Another drawback, as the expert, is that all the power ministries, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank are in the competence of the members of one ethnic group - the Pashtuns. This, in the opinion of Rahila, paves the way for corruption. Therefore, he considers to make the balance, it is reasonable to give power of the Ministry of Finance or the Central Bank  to representatives of other ethnic groups.
According to some experts and politicians, including S. Rahila, this list does not meet many of the criteria for the competence of future ministers, as well as in terms of compliance with the proportions of representatives of ethnic groups in Afghanistan. Therefore, the expert offers to parliament first rejected the general list and only after adjusting the composition of the cabinet consider personal composition.

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