Businesses of Kyrgyzstan suffers due to frequent changes in the government, entrepreneur says

Date: 16:14, 03-11-2016.

Almaty. November 3. Silkroadnews – The government of Kyrgyzstan changes the country’s development plans quite often, which, first of all, creates problems for the small and medium businesses, the head of Kyrgyzstan’s fruit and vegetable enterprises association Dilara Alimzhanova says, KyrTAG writes.

“The changes in the government are quite often, many plans remain unrealized or incomplete. There is no one to monitor the implementation of the action plans along the industries. That is why the business does not take an active part in such plans development”, she said speaking at the round table.

According to her, when considering the “funding” part of the projects the plans’ authors write in the foreign donors names or simply put a dash.

“The real professionals and consultants shall stay behind any development plan projects, not the task forces working based on enthusiasm only. A plan that has been prepared based on enthusiasm only will always remain on paper”, D. Alimzhanova added.

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