China's central bank called the fluctuations in foreign exchange reserves of the country - normal

Date: 13:37, 09-09-2015.

Almaty. September 9. Silkroadnews - A significant reduction in foreign exchange reserves of China in August are connected to the normal market operations of the Central Bank and a fall in prices of basic financial assets in the global market. This was reported by the PBOC, the agency Xinhua.
According to data released earlier by the National bank, at the end of August this year, China's foreign exchange reserves amounted to $3.56 trillion, which is $93.9 billion less than the figure recorded at the end of the previous month.
National bank believes, one of the main reasons for the decline of this indicator is market operations of the Central Bank to provide sufficient liquidity, as commercial banks, companies and individuals gained more foreign currency in connection with a significant devaluation of national currency yuan last month.
National bank reported that loans from commercial banks to provide loans to companies in foreign currency and the fall of the value of fixed assets in the global financial market have also caused a reduction in foreign exchange reserves in August.
In terms of medium- and long-term perspective, China still retain middle and high economic growth rates and has a positive current account balance, which means that China will continue to have large foreign exchange reserves, said the National bank.

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