China’s leader instructed to optimize agriculture and product assortment

Date: 12:50, 21-12-2016.

Almaty. December 21. Silkroadnews – At the meeting of the Politburo the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission Xi Jinping called for the structural reforms in agriculture, Chinese Information Internet Center reports.

“China will incite new growth factors in agriculture and rural areas to improve productivity and competitiveness. The government should optimize agriculture and products assortment with ensuring the national food security. China will also boost the intense agricultural development to combat poverty and promote the process of urbanization to contribute to the success of people living in the village community”, publication quoted the head of China saying.

Xi Jinping also pointed out that the government and the market should coordinate their actions to guide agricultural production, as well as encourage innovations by the local authorities.

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