China tests a new medium-speed maglev train

Date: 12:32, 25-05-2018.

Beijing. May 25. Silkroadnews - A 160km/h maglev train prototype recently finished its first test run in China’s National University of Defense Technology, People's Liberation Army Daily reported.
The success of the test run marks the development of China’s mastering technologies in terms of high-speed maglev transport.
The technical design, which combines the linear traction of a long-stator permanent magnet with a hybrid suspension of electromagnets and permanent magnets, is the first of its kind in the world. The design is characterized by low power consumption, high traction efficiency and easy maintenance.
Compared to other Chinese maglev trains that are already in use, the new train can reduce energy consumption by 20% and improve traction by 10%.
According to experts, low- and medium-speed magnetic maglev trains are easy to operate, but do not have a high traction power. On the other hand, high-speed trains have high speed capabilities, but are more expensive and require careful route selection.
The prototype of a maglev train designed for 160 km/h is a Chinese innovation that combines the advantages of these two types, while avoiding their defects. It lays a solid foundation for China to develop 200km/h medium-speed maglev trains.

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