Effective use of Tajikistan's hydropower can help boost the economies of neighboring countries, says Rahmon

Date: 23:05, 23-03-2015.

Almaty. March 23. Silkroadnews - President Emomali Rahmon believes that the effective use of the hydropower potential of Tajikistan will give impetus to the growth of neighboring countries, reported the Tajik news agency (TajikTA).
"Central Asia because of its geographic location and the influence of other countries is subject to various risks, but the most dangerous of them are not extremism and international terrorism. To conflicts in the region may lead debate on the issues of water management, low socio-economic development, drug trafficking, all of which may be exacerbated on the basis of available other social problem", - said the president in an interview with The Worldfolio and the newspaper USA Today.
According to him, at the Tajik side of the border, there are cross-border markets, contributing to the development of the settlements located on both sides of the border.
Rational use of water resources in the region is fundamental, since the states of Central Asia share a common water supply. This affects the energy situation. According to him, Tajikistan has a large untapped hydropower potential, which may lead to increase of the economy of Tajikistan, and other neighboring countries, including Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thus, achieving positive results in terms of water resources will support the growth of energy and economic security, and in turn will allow countries in the region to develop other sectors of vital importance.
"Tajikistan does not have sufficient reserves of hydrocarbons, but rational and efficient use of water resources, together with the integrated management of these resources in the region will lead to poverty reduction and increase of irrigated land, as well as reducing security threats, development of the production base in the region, which would promote investment because of low electricity prices",- said Rahmon.
"The achievment is a positive assessment by the World Bank on the construction of the Rogun HPP. This hydropower plant has a great economic importance, in addition to the production of clean energy will allow us to begin the process of rehabilitation of the country's industry. In fact, Rogun will be a factor for integration and economic development of the region", - said the President of Tajikistan.

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