Kyrgyzstan identified a large part of fake Russian rubles

Date: 12:51, 30-07-2014.

Almaty. July 30. Silkroadnews - Banks of Kyrgyzstan revealed a large consignments of counterfeit Russian rubles, reports KyrTAG.
"Detected the spread of fake Russian currency - banknotes of 5000 rubles with a very high quality", - said the State Service for Combating Economic Crimes (Financial Police) of Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday.
Moreover, there is an evidence of the issuance of fake 5 thousandth Russian rubles in banking institutions in Kyrgyzstan. So in one of the banks of the Kyrgyz Republic has been issued fake foreign currency in the amount of 200 thousand Russian rubles (40 bills in denominations of 5000 rubles each).
"As part of the operational activities for detection, suppression and prevention of sales of counterfeit currency, in particular banknote of 5000 Russian rubles, recommendations were sent to the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic on the adoption of urgent measures and audit money in banks, branches of banks, savings banks, exchange offices and other financial institutions for compliance and the availability of money and the identification of banknotes of dubious quality ", - stressed the financial police.
An investigation of the criminal case is underway.

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