Kyrgyzstan proposes to restrict foreign participation in TV channels management down to 20%

Date: 19:56, 20-12-2016.

Almaty. December 20. Silkroadnews –  Deputies of Jogorku Kenesh proposed to introduce amendments to the law “On mass media” saying the foreign and stateless persons are prohibited to own more than 20% shares of TV channels. Kozhobek Ryspaev, Social Democratic Party deputy and one of the initiators of the draft law, introduced the appropriate bill, KyrTAG writes.

“We propose to set restrictions for the foreign founders allowing to control 20% shares of TV channels registered in Kyrgyzstan at most”, the deputy said at a parliamentary hearing on Tuesday.

According to him, at present the media law does not specify the limits for founders of foreign origin, though all the other states establish at least the minimum conditions and restrictions to protect the state’s sovereignty and security.

The deputy also added, earlier the initiators proposed to establish restrictions for foreign residents interested in opening a radio or information site.

“We have received the proposals not to impose restrictions on radio or internet sites, thus, we decided to introduce the restrictions only for foreigners wishing to open TV channels”, he explained.

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