Kyrgyzstan’s agro-industrial complex to switch to regional food specialization

Date: 16:13, 03-11-2016.

Almaty. November 3. Silkroadnews – Kyrgyzstan’s agro-industrial complex will switch to regional food specialization, KyrTAG reports quoting minister of agriculture Adambek Botoev saying.

According to him, ministry of agriculture has developed a draft program for the 2016-2020 food industry development.

“The government has given instructions on specialization of food processing industries by regions, as each district and region has its own characteristics for the crops cultivation and production”, A. Botoev said.

He also stressed, the output of all types of products at Kyrgyz enterprises got reduced over the past 20 years.

“At present the agricultural enterprises experience problems with a high purchase price and high costs of raw materials transportation; their logistical and technical bases are of the low level as well. It raises the price for the products and undermines competitiveness. The high level of imports ruins the food businesses activities, resulting in low production capacity and small-scale production”, he summarized.

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