Number of collisions of Afghan government forces with the Islamists of the Taliban increased dramatically in 2016 - the UN Security Council

Date: 17:03, 20-12-2016.

Almaty. December 20. Silkroadnews – This year only the number of internal refugees in Afghanistan exceeds half a million people; taking into account the past years the total number has reached nearly two million people; Taliban strengthens its positions, Deutsche Welle writes.

“As of December 18, more than 580 000 people have become internal refugees in Afghanistan in 2016. With regard to the previous years, the total number of people the war, famine and ruin forced to leave their homes rose to almost two million”, the publication notes with reference to report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

According to the report by the UN Security Council on situation in Afghanistan, the number of armed clashes between the government forces and the Islamists of the Taliban increased dramatically in 2016. Compared to 2015 the growth made 22%, which is the highest result through the whole analysis of the situation by the UN (carried out since 2007).

Despite the army keeps control over all the provincial centers, the Taliban is gaining new positions. In autumn the attacks got intensified on the four regional centers. In addition, the militants are trying to get control over the major transport arteries of the country, the text says.

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