The agreement on the Iranian nuclear program came into force

Date: 08:38, 19-10-2015.

Almaty. October 19. Silkroadnews - The agreement on the Iranian nuclear program formally entered into force on Sunday October 18, RBC reports.
"The entry into force of the deal means that all sides will have to begin to implement the commitments that they have undertaken three months ago. For Iran, this means conervation of thousands of centrifuges and the elimination of 95% of the stocks of enriched uranium, as well as the modernization of the reactor. The US and Europe, in turn, need to prepare for the lifting of sanctions, which will happen only after Iran fulfills its part of the agreement", - says the publication.
According to the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, "This is to ensure that nuclear weapons remain beyond the reach of Iran, thus the region is becoming safer, opening the possibility for Iran to re-engage with the international community".

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