The first international pharmaceutical exhibition will be held in Iran on September 15-18

Date: 07:12, 01-08-2014.

Almaty. August 1. Silkroadnews - The first international exhibition of the pharmaceutical industry will be opened in the Iranian capital on September 15, the Iranian News Agency (IrTAG) on Thursday.
According to the organizers, the exhibition, which will last four days, will be attended by local and foreign manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.
"The aim of this exhibition is to promote the export of locally produced medicines", - said the chairman of the board of directors of the association of owners of pharmaceutical companies Mahmoud Najafi Arab at a press conference in Tehran.
He noted that Iranian scientists already possess the necessary know-how for the production of modern medicines using nano and biotechnology.
In turn, the head of the Food and Drug Administration Mehdi Pirsalehi said that this event will present the market trends of the pharmaceutical industry and will familiarize consumers with the new trends in the industry.
M.Pirsalehi added that among 2,900 names of the drugs used in Iran, two-thirds are locally produced medicines.

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