The government of Afghanistan approved 20 contracts to amount exceeding $60 million

Date: 12:15, 30-06-2017.

Almaty. June 30. Silkroadnews – The Afghan government approved a total of 20 contracts worth about 4 billion Afghani ($58.67 million), Afghan Telegraph Agency (AfTAG) reports.
“The approved contracts include a feasibility study for the new tunnels to be built in Salang, construction of the first 23km lot of road from Doshi to Bamiyan and change of the consultancy project for the construction of substations in Bamiyan”, the report said.
The contracts also include the purchase of fuel for Afghanistan’s public protection forces and Ministry of Internal Affairs, expansion of agricultural farms construction for Has-Paha in Balkh and Ham-Kalan in Parwan and approval of government scholarships for Afghans studying in Turkey, Malaysia and India.

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