The Kyrgyz government is considering to remove the restrictions on the entry of heavy fuel trucks

Date: 13:12, 01-08-2014.

Almaty. August 1. Silkroadnews - The government of Kyrgyzstan considers the lifting of restrictions on the entry for heavy vehicles carrying fuel, reports KyrTAG.
"The government is considering our proposal to increase the axial load. Currently loaded weight of a motor vehicle is 44 tonnes, whereas we propose to increase the load to 48.5 tons", - reported the association of oil traders of KR on Friday.
As previously reported, at the present time in the south of the country there is a shortage of petroleum products, stock will be enough for 2-3 days, wholesale of fuel was stopped.
Recall, according to director of the Association of Oil Traders of Kyrgyzstan Ulan Kulov, taking into account the density of diesel fuel, which is higher than gasoline, the total weight exceeds the limit of fuel trucks, allowed in Kyrgyzstan.
"Thus, carriers of petroleum products have no way to sustain the allowable limit of 44 tons, including incomplete filling of the tank, that is, reduce the amount of cargo as in transportation of solid cargo. In this regard, this issue requires urgent solutions at the level of government, in particular, need to make changes in the resolution of the government in order to increase the maximum allowable weight of 48.5 tons",- he explained.

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