The presence of US troops in Afghanistan has aggravated the situation with terrorism - Karzai

Date: 09:40, 19-10-2015.

Almaty. October 19. SIlkroadnews - Former Iranian President Hamid Karzai said that the presence of US troops in Afghanistan only aggravated the situation and increased the terror, reports Afghan News Agency (AfTAG).
"The people of Afghanistan 14 years ago agreed to moderate the presence of foreign troops in the hope of eradicating terrorism and maintaining peace in the region. But the presence of foreign troops under the name of the fight against terrorism not only led to its elimination, during this period terrorism has become even stronger", - said Karzai, commenting on the statement of Barack Obama's intention to keep US troops in Afghanistan after 2016.
According to Karzai, signed by Kabul and Washington bilateral security agreement also did not led to the reduction of instability, but rather expanded the boundaries of the war, which did not meet the expectations of Afghans.
The situation in Afghanistan in recent months, has deteriorated markedly. The radical movement "Taliban" previously mastered a large area in the rural areas of the country, launched a major offensive on the city. In late September, insurgents of "Taliban" captured north afghan city of Kunduz.

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