Trump regrets cancellation of meeting with Kim Jong Un

Date: 08:52, 25-05-2018.

Beijing. May 25. Silkroadnews - President of the United States Donald Trump has canceled a meeting with the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong Un, though said he regrets this, the Kazakh Telegraph Agency (KazTAG) reports with reference to Izvestia.
“Sadly, I was forced to cancel the Summit Meeting in Singapore with Kim Jung Un,” Trump wrote on Twitter.
On May 24, the White House reported D. Trump in an official letter cancelled meeting with Kim Jong Un scheduled for June 12 in Singapore. “Tremendous anger and open hostility” displayed in North Korea’s most recent statements make the long-planned summit between the DPRK and the United States inappropriate for carrying out.  
With this the American leader expressed hope for holding negotiations in the future.
In late April, North Korean authorities announced they are ready to surrender the nuclear weapons, if not threatened and provoked. On May 24, according to the DPRK authorities’ decision, the Phungeri nuclear test site was said to be dismantled.

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