US and China began negotiations on trade and market access

Date: 08:23, 20-07-2017.

Almaty. July 20. Silkroadnews – The US and China have started negotiations on trade and market access, “Прайм” agency reports.
“Administration of the US President Donald Trump started its first economic talks with China on Wednesday amid signs of difficulties in the friendly dialogue that has been observed between the countries for the past three months”, report said.
According to the US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, despite significant inter-industry agreements reached at the beginning of the year, the most difficult work to eliminate asymmetries in two states’ trade relations is still to be done. W.Ross expressed regret about “Chinese exports to the US far exceeding the volume of supplies in the opposite direction” and said “there are much fewer restrictions on Chinese investments in the US market, compared to ones for the US investments in China”. He also stressed that in relations with China, the US is aimed at “specific results to be reached by specific deadlines”.
China’s Vice Premier Wang Yang also noted the complication of the upcoming talks.
“Compared to the previous economic negotiations, the comprehensive economic dialogue is even more difficult, as it will focus on the issues of the comprehensive and strategic importance of our economic cooperation”, agency quoted Wang Yang saying.
The US Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin noted the talks are to cover “a whole range of issues”, including “Chinese interference in the economy” in the fields of industry and agriculture, as well as China’s cyber politics.

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