Uzbekistan overcame November 20 cyber-attack’s consequences

Date: 10:39, 22-11-2017.

Almaty. November 22. Silkroadnews - Uzbekistan overcame consequences of the cyber-attack recorded on November 20, the Uzbek Telegraph Agency (UzTAG) reports.
“On November 20, 2017, some information resources of organizations of Uzbekistan were subjected to cyberattack and hacking, among over 60 thousand resources attacked in various countries across the world. Due to prompt measures by information security specialists, the normal operation of the local information resources of the relevant organizations have been restored,” the information service of the Ministry for Information Technologies and Communications of Uzbekistan said.
Reportedly, the UZINFOCOM Center and Center for Information Security and Assistance in Ensuring Public Order have taken due measures to eliminate the source of the attack, create backup copies of the hacked resources for further study, and restore the latest up-to-date version of the system with operating system files and organization websites.
“At the moment, the information resources are operating in regular mode. The consequences of the attack have been eliminated. The work is being carried out to study the reasons and methods for conducting the attack, develop further counteraction to such actions by hackers,” the report says.

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